Scholarships and Financial Aid

Since 1998, Deer Hill Foundation (DHF) has provided financial aid in the form of scholarships for participants that would otherwise be unable to afford the full cost of attending a Deer Hill summer expedition. In that time, DHF has helped thousands young people find themselves in the middle of nowhere. Use the information and screening form below to find out if a DHF scholarship is right for your family.

Eligibility and Selection

Eligibility to receive a Deer Hill Foundation (DHF) scholarship is based on a family’s household income relative to the median income of the area where they live. When submitted, this information remains strictly confidential.

Selection to receive financial assistance through a DHF scholarship is based on the following additional criteria:

  • The applicant’s willingness and ability to contribute toward the program cost,
  • The contents of the application,
  • The applicant’s references.

Availability of funds and the amounts of individual awards varies from year to year depending on funds made available through donations to Deer Hill Foundation.

Scholarship Application Process

To determine eligibility, fill out the screening form below.

You will be notified by email as to your eligibility determination. If you are invited to apply, we will include the link to the application in that email. Your next steps are to:

  1. Complete and return the application,
  2. Provide two requested references,
  3. Complete all follow-up essay questions.

The DHF Board reviews applications and notifies applicants according the following deadlines:

  • First Application Deadline is March 15th; notifications sent March 28th,
  • Second Application Deadline is April 20th; notifications sent May 1st,
  • Third Application Deadline is May 23rd; Notification sent June 3rd.

Please call the Deer Hill office with any questions: 970-533-7492.

Scholarship Screening Form

Deer Hill Family, I just wanted to let you know that I'm so thankful that I got the chance to experience Deer Hill. Thank you all who made everything happen on my mountain biking and backpacking expedition. I'm so grateful that I experienced this and I hope to come back next year.

Trevor, participant

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