Homeschool Scholar Adventure Program

September 2021

Authentic learning, “Outside of the Box.”

Deer Hill created the Homeschool Scholar Adventure Program (HSAP) to meet students and parents halfway between at-home classroom-style learning and adventure programming.

We’re ready to give your student the unique chance to take a break from the screen and learn in an intentional, experiential environment custom to their specific learning needs.

This program is a well-balanced experience between classwork and non-classwork. It will give your student plenty of time for reflection and integration while also providing a chance to be in community and take a breath from their fast-paced life back home.

Program Overview

Ages 14-18

Sept. 5 – Sept.18, 2021

14 Days

20 Service Hours


Scholarship Information

Traditional Classroom time at Deer Hill’s Basecamp
Day Trips in Southwestern Colorado
Overnight Cross-Cultural service trip*
Overnight River Trip on the San Juan River

In addition to making memories and exploring the Southwest, students will complete over 40 hours of coursework within two unit plans covering Geography and History. Social-emotional learning, critical pedagogy, and humanistic learning theory are fundamental themes within the course. All curricula for this program is aligned with the Colorado State Standards for High School Social Studies.

*Due to COVID, there is a degree of uncertainty that we take on as we plan for our programs to visit Native American communities in the coming year. The safety of our participants as well as our Native partners is paramount. If we have to cancel the Native American service portion of our programs and switch to conservation service or some other form of service, we will let you know as soon as possible about this change.




Day 1-4
Students arrive at Basecamp throughout the first afternoon. The staff will help everyone become acquainted with the Deer Hill Basecamp and their new classroom, as participants meet each other and the group begins to form. Students, lead by their staff, will spend the days working through lessons and classwork for basic expeditionary skills, history and geography (as defined by Colorado High School Education Standards). Days will be broken up between classwork, homework, and field trips that align with what the students are studying.

Service in the Navajo Nation

Days 5-7
Participants live and work with their Navajo hosts while building on the curriculum and lessons presented during HSAP. The group will learn about Navajo traditions and lifestyles, and what an ancient culture can look like in a modern world. The students will also dive deeper into History and Geography by studying: evolutionary history, westward expansion, conflicts with indigenous communities, environmental history, human migration, occupational history and more. With support and perspective from their Navajo hosts who will work to combine service work with classroom and historical lessons.

Upper San Juan Rafting Expedition

Days 8-11
Students will travel from the Navajo Nation to the river launch at Sand Island, Utah. Students will spend their days on the river, rafting class I and II+ rapids through the deep and sinuous sandstone canyons, exploring side channels, and discussing water in the west, wildlife trends, drought history, and climate change. Participants learn to read the river, paddle a raft and inflatable kayaks, and even have the opportunity to try the oar rig. After each day of boating, the group makes camp on a sandy beach where they will prepare dinner, enjoy the scenery, and work through lessons.

Return to Basecamp

Days 12-14
Students return to Basecamp for the final days of the program. The students will work through additional curriculum and lessons that help tie their experience together. There will be time to reflect on leadership, place-based education, and giving back through community service. HSAP students will gain a stronger sense of self and begin to understand their place in the world, have a deeper understanding of Native American cultures and their history, and learn about the ecology of the Southwest as well as our impact on it as humans. The group will participate in closing ceremonies and present their final project on the last day.

Learning Objectives

Programming and lessons will focus on the following learning objectives, in accordance with Colorado state standards for Geography and History. By the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Understand the nature of historical knowledge as a process of inquiry that examines and analyzes how history is viewed, constructed, and interpreted.
  • Analyze historical time periods and patterns of continuity and change, through multiple perspectives, within and among cultures and societies.
  • Apply geographic representations and perspectives to analyze human movement, spatial patterns, systems, and the connections and relationships among them.
  • Examine the characteristics of places and regions, and the changing nature among geographic and human interactions.

Travel Information

Arrival and Departure:

Durango Airport (DRO) or

Deer Hill Basecamp, Mancos, Colorado.

Arrive Sept. 5, 12-6pm; Depart Sept. 18, 8:30am-2pm

Travel Information

Questions? Call our office! We’d love to be a resource for you in the planning process.



Deer Hill's Basecamp in Mancos, CO provides an idyllic setting for groups.

At Deer Hill, I didn’t make friends—I made life-long members of my amazing, fun Deer Hill family.

Shea, Participant 2018 River and Mountain Adventure

Deer Hill made me change my whole view of nature.

Kyler—Participant 2018 River and Mountain Adventure

Deer Hill is an amazing place to learn, to be in the wild, to have fun and to make friends. I love Deer Hill!!!

Jasper— Participant 2018 River and Mountain Adventure

Receiving an experience this insanely incredible makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Teddy—Participant 2018 River and Mountain Adventure

Deer Hill held within it a one-of-a-kind experience which will stick with me forever

Lila—Participant 2018 River and Mountain Adventure

The experience was so different than anything that I am used to, and I loved it!

Bella—Participant 2018 River and Mountain Adventure

Deer Hill gave me lots of new experiences and lessons. Most were breathtaking; some were funny; all were amazing.

Charles—Participant 2018 River and Mountain Adventure

Deer Hill is an amazing and unique experience that you can't find anywhere else.

Alden—Participant 2018 River and Mountain Adventure