Wilderness and Service Expeditions for Teenagers

Expeditions with Deer Hill are truly unique for their blend of awe-inspiring wilderness adventures and meaningful cross-cultural service projects in the American Southwest. Today’s programs are the result of 35 years’ investment in relationships with service host families in the Navajo Nation and Hopi and Zuni pueblos, and a familiarity with the mountains and canyons of the region that goes further back than that.

While all programs wrap wilderness adventure and service projects around a focus on challenging the individual to discover her or himself, each program follows a unique theme and a different adventure. Program dates and appropriate participant ages are listed below. Follow the links for program-specific information, or use the Summer Schedule to see program highlights side by side.

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To say that Laura enjoyed herself on Southwest Journey is an extreme understatement. She came back jubilant, refreshed, inspired, and, perhaps most important, in possession of a most valuable perspective on everyday life. She says that many of her most cherished values in life have come from her Deer Hill experiences.

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