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Since 1998, Deer Hill Foundation (DHF) has made scholarships available for participants that would otherwise be unable to afford the full cost of attending a Deer Hill summer program. In that time, DHF has helped over 1,500 young people develop an “authentic connection to self and community” (Deer Hill’s mission). Most of this support comes from individual donors like yourself. Please consider helping a young person attend Deer Hill by donating to DHF in the way that best suits you.

For information on charitable bequests, gifts of appreciated securities, in-kind contributions, and those from donor-advised funds or matching programs, please contact DHF’s Executive Director, Doug Capelin, by email at, or call 970-533-7492 x18.

Ways You Can Give

Deer Hill Foundation (DHF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Contributions to DHF are tax deductible; we will send you a receipt for tax purposes when we receive your contribution. DHF accepts donations in the following forms:

  • Direct financial contributions by check or credit/debit card,
  • Contributions from donor advised funds and matching programs,
  • Charitable bequests,
  • Appreciated securities,
  • Certain in-kind contributions.

To make monetary contributions:

  1. Call 970-533-7492 x18 to set up monthly payments
  2. Mail a check to:
    Deer Hill Foundation
    PO Box 180
    Mancos, CO 81328
  3. Or donate online.

    For information on charitable bequests, gifts of appreciated securities, and in-kind contributions, please contact DHF’s Executive Director, Doug Capelin by email at, or you can call 970-533-7492 x18.

Donate to Native Host Families and Communities Affected by the Pandemic

The “long haul” of the COVID pandemic continues to impact families with whom Deer Hill has worked for decades. Since 2020, DHF has directed resources toward actual needs such as food, winter clothing, firewood and coal, utilities, school materials, and household supplies. If you would like to contribute to this specific effort, click the Donate button and select “Native Community Support’ in the dropdown menu or follow the instructions there to give by other means.

Where Your Donation Goes

One of the advantages of being a small organization is the ability to efficiently convert dollars to results. Since its inception in 1998, over 80% of DHF dollars have gone directly to its stated goals: student scholarships, cross-cultural service projects, and professional development for the field staff who guide Deer Hill’s unique programs.

Please call the Deer Hill office with any questions: 970-533-7492 x18.

I have had so much fun on this trip, and everything I have done and seen will stick in my memory forever. I will particularly remember the beautiful scenery and the amazing feeling of a large group working in harmony. This trip has taught me to see the beauty in everything around me.

Kristi, participant

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