Facility Rentals at Deer Hill

Many groups find great solace in hosting their events on the Deer Hill property. From our sustainably-built straw bale and solar-powered Meeting Place to our 6 bedroom Loft Lodging, you’re sure to feel closer to both nature, yourself, and your group by the time you depart.

Feel the history and homeyness that results from a property cultivated by hand, starting over 35 years ago, by Deer Hill’s founders Doug & Beverly Capelin; intention that continues today as our admin staff carefully maintains our 130-acre basecamp
Choose between various buildings and lodging options to custom-fit your groups’ needs
You bring the group, we’ll welcome you with a pristine space, plenty of parking, and all the add-ons you need to host an enriching group experience

Facility Rental Options & Pricing

For groups facilitating programs within our Colorado basecamp, Deer Hill offers various options to custom-fit your group.

To inquire for more details on how these spaces may work best for your school, reach out to the Program Sales Manager through the button below.

The Starter Package

Base your group out of The Meeting Place, breathe fresh air and wiggle your toes in the lush grass in our Orchard, and ensure plenty of parking for your group in our Starter Package. Constructed of energy efficient straw bale, with passive solar design, and an infinitely configurable open floor plan, the Meeting Place stays cool in the summer, and warm in the winter for your conference, yoga class, lecture, workshop, or whatever else you have in mind. Wirelessly connect to Deer Hill’s internet network, or unplug and enjoy the view of Weber Canyon and the Mancos Valley.

Rental Includes:

  • Use of The Meeting Place and a conveniently located bathroom
  • Access to the Orchard, an outdoor space with lush grass
  • Parking in the lot at the front of our property


# People First Day Additional Days
Up to 10 $250 $100
11-20 $275 $100
21-30 $300 $100

Additional Charges:

Charge Rate Details
Cleaning Fee $125 Applies until further notice during COVID-19 pandemic

Stay With Us

Complete your facility rental as an immersive retreat including lodging and even add-on access to a kitchen and common area for family-style meals.

Options Include:

  • Premium Loft with 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
  • Staff Cabin with 4 rooms
  • Participant Cabins with flexibility to host large groups
  • Choose to add-on a kitchen to any lodging rental, either a small basic kitchen or full industrial-prep style

Lodging Options & Rental Add-Ons:

Building Rate/night Accommodations Availability
Loft $115/ room 1 room + common area
+ kitchen
6 rooms, 4 baths
Staff Cabin $75 1 room 4 rooms available (+access to shower house & bathrooms)
Standard Participant Cabins $100 Cabins fit 12 people 2 cabins available (+access to shower house & bathrooms)
Juniper Participant Cabin $200 Cabin fits 24 people 1 cabin
Staff Cabin Kitchen  $15 Full-size basic kitchen 1 available, includes common space, must be rented with other accommodations
House Kitchen $100 Full-size industrial kitchen 1 available, includes House common space & downstairs bathrooms
Camping $25 Open space east of Deer Hill basecamp called “the North 40” 1 campsite, including 10 people, (+access to shower house & bathrooms). Multiple campsites are available.

Interested in More Information on Each Lodging Option?

Check out more details on each space on our Basecamp Page.

Still have questions?
Contact Program Sales Manager by filling out the Facility Rental Inquiry Form in the box below.

Create Your Expedition with Deer Hill

You provide the group, we provide the facility. Certain building availabilities are dependent on the season, but Deer Hill operates year-round. Inquire below about availability and customizable facility options.

  1. Review the options above
  2. Contact the Program Sales Manager by submitting an inquiry (see below)
  3. The Program Sales Manager works with you to design a rental for your group

Facility Rental Inquiry

The program you run at Deer Hill is just amazing and top-notch. Your obvious love and devotion to outdoor life is evident in every little thing that you do. Our guides were exceptional and Mr. Smith, our Navajo host, impacted my group in a profound way. Our sweat lodge was life-altering. On behalf of all my children and all their parents, thank you.

Elizabeth, teacher

Through Deer Hill and its Staff’s commitment and capacity to fulfill its mission for our Waldorf 8th grade group, the words the students spoke at our closing Circle made clear the experience met my wildest hopes for them. Their world views changed dramatically. They expressed whole new levels of gratitude for their privileged lives.

Amber Fitts, teacher

Our trip with Deer Hill, so tactfully facilitated by our guides, brought us to a meaningful conversation with the forces of nature and, as importantly, a profound encounter with ourselves.

Rev Bowen, teacher