Thank you for being a reference!

The individual who has asked you to be a reference is applying for Kitchen Cook Position with Deer Hill Expeditions. Deer Hill offers extended wilderness adventures and service expeditions for adolescents. This is part time/seasonal position. Primary responsibilities include cooking and baking planned meals, supervising Kitchen helpers, preparing food for the field, and maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of the kitchen. Deer Hill’s operating season is fast paced and includes long days. This position requires dedication, active leadership, clear communication skills, mentoring skills, initiative, patience, and humor. The ideal candidate is attentive to details and deadlines, organized, self-motivated, and adaptable.  Your honest and candid appraisal of the applicant is greatly appreciated. Thank you for being a reference!

  • Please comment candidly about the applicant in the following areas:

Thank you for being a reference!

Working at Deer Hill is by far one of the most invigorating and rewarding aspects of my life. This is no exaggeration.

Catherine, staff

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