Terms of Agreement for Summer Search Participants

The applicant (hereafter “participant”) and the parent or legal guardian (hereafter “parent”) of a minor participant (those under 18 yrs. of age) must read and sign this Deer Hill Expeditions, Inc. (“DHE”) Terms of Agreement (hereafter sometimes “Terms”), below.  In consideration of the services of DHE, I (participant and parent of a minor participant) agree as follows:



When DHE has received my Application, including; signed Terms of Agreement, signed Essential Eligibility Criteria, and completed essay questions, DHE will then review it. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. I understand that participant’s application will not be considered complete until DHE receives all of the required documents.

Please note: After DHE has reviewed the application; we will send, via email, a Program Information Packet (PIP) containing information and forms, including a Participant Health History Form. Supplemental medical forms, if applicable, may also be separately sent. These forms contain important information associated with participant’s DHE experience, the risks associated with the activities, and participant and parent’s responsibilities. Please read and complete these forms carefully. All forms must be completed and signed by participant, parent, and pertinent others (e.g. physician, references) Participant’s final acceptance, enrollment and participation in the program is contingent on Deer Hill’s receipt and review of the application and all required forms.

Roles and Responsibilities


DHE reserves the right to cancel a program, or to change any aspect of a program including dates, location, itinerary or duration either before or during a program because of weather, enrollment, health hazards or for any other reason that DHE determines, in its discretion, is appropriate.


Unless we receive your objection in writing before the start of the program, the adult participant or parent of a minor authorizes DHE or parties designated by DHE, to take photos or other images, audio or video recordings, and/or written or spoken statements (including quotations from correspondence) of or including the participant and his or her family, without compensation, and use these materials, including for sale, reproduction or display on the internet or via other media, in DHE catalogues or other materials, or for any promotional, educational or other use. These materials are the sole property of DHE.



DHE does not discriminate in its respective employment or admissions policies on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national or ethnic origin, age or disability. However, we do reserve the right to refuse admission to our programs in appropriate cases, including cases where health or medical conditions may preclude participation.


I understand that Deer Hill is a group experience and that my full participation and cooperation with a positive attitude, in all activities, is important for the overall success of the program. I understand that Deer Hill activities take place in the wilderness and in other areas where the group’s well-being can be jeopardized if I do not pay attention, respect my leader and participate responsibly in the program. I agree to be respectful and non-confrontational with DHE staff and fellow participants. I agree not to use or distribute tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs, or to mis-use or distribute prescription or non-prescription drugs. I agree not to engage in exclusive relationships or sexual activity. I agree to be a contributing member of the group to the best of my abilities. I agree to respect my program’s leaders and follow program rules and policies. I will do my best to keep a positive attitude and to make this the best experience possible for all other participants, my leaders, and me.


I understand that for the health and welfare of all members of a DHE program, participants are expected to behave appropriately throughout their stay on the program (in line with the behaviors discussed above), and that all participants share in the responsibility for their own well-being and the well-being of the group. DHE reserves the right to dismiss any participant from the program, whom DHE staff believes, in their sole discretion, presents a safety concern or medical risk, is disruptive, or otherwise conducts him/herself in a manner detrimental to the program.


I have read, understand and agree to DHE’s Essential Eligibility Criteria, (incorporated here by this reference) and will contact DHE if I have any questions.



I have accurately completed the Application and have read, understand and agree to the Terms of Agreement outlined above. I have disclosed pertinent information regarding my/my child’s medical or health condition/s, per Question #2 in the DHE Application. I agree that failure to disclose requested medical information at the time of application and/or in subsequent requests for medical information may result in participant’s exclusion or dismissal from the program and forfeiture of monies previously paid to DHE. I agree to review all program materials sent, respond accurately to DHE inquiries, complete all required forms (and abide by the terms of those documents). This includes accurately completing the medical forms sent and accurately informing DHE about participant’s medical or health condition/s or medication/s, and any changes, from the date of this Agreement up until the beginning of (or during) participant’s program. Parent gives his/her son/daughter permission to participate in all DHE program activities, at or away from Basecamp. I agree that Colorado law (without regard to its “conflict of laws” rules) governs this Agreement, any dispute I have with DHE and all other aspects of my/my child’s relationship with DHE, and agree that any mediation, suit or other proceeding must be filed, or entered into, only in the Montezuma County, Colorado. I agree to attempt to settle any dispute (that cannot be settled by discussion) through mediation before a mutually acceptable Colorado mediator.

I understand I must complete the information in the online signing process to electronically accept and sign the Deer Hill Expeditions, Inc.: Terms of Agreement outlined above, or, print out and sign a paper version. For adult participant or the parent of a minor: I understand that whether I choose to electronically accept and sign, or sign a paper version of the Deer Hill Expeditions, Inc.: Terms of Agreement, I am entering into a legally binding contract with DHE. Minor participants are also asked to sign, to reflect their understanding of these Terms.


Deer Hill is an opportunity to realize who you really are.

Nicole, participant

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