The Deer Hill Expeditions Outfitting Store

Welcome to the Online Deer Hill Expeditions Outfitting Store!

In the store below there are just a few items for purchase! For the first time ever, you can get Deer Hill swag like t-shirts, mugs, water bottles, and bucket bags shipped directly to you.

We look forward to selling additional items online in the future and as needed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need support in completing your order.

Please note: If you are coming to Deer Hill this year, please don’t purchase any of these items here, but instead purchase them in person at our physical store.

Return Policy

At this time we do not offer any returns for merchandise that we sell online. Please take the time to review your order before purchasing.

Progress Your Teen Through Deer Hill’s Programs: 

A Summer Camp Experience Like No Other

Did you know that Deer Hill programs are meant to be a succession in experience, challenge, self-reflection, and personal growth that parallel students as they grow into young adults?

Much like a summer camp, Deer Hill is a place students return to every summer. With options for all age ranges, Deer Hill hopes to be a cornerstone in your child’s life as they learn and grow through middle school and high school. Read More…