Better Together Agreement:

Deer Hill Expeditions during COVID-19

In choosing to attend or allow your child to attend a Deer Hill Expeditions (DHE) program, participant and parent or legal guardian of a minor must acknowledge and agree to do so under the following conditions: 

Because of the unforeseen and unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic, resulting medical, legal and economic conditions and associated international and U.S. federal, state and county recommendations and restrictions, DHE was forced to create new and altered programming and alter its registration, risk management and emergency response policies.

Before attending yourself, or, sending your child to a DHE program during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we want you to clearly understand the changes in our policies and programming, and importantly, your responsibilities.  

DHE Program Reality  

  • DHE cannot guarantee safety or a COVID-19 free environment. The risk of a participant (or anyone else) contracting COVID-19 or any other communicable or contagious disease is an inherent risk of the DHE program environment.  Our endeavor is to manage the risks associated with DHE programs, including the risks of COVID-19, and participants are critical partners in this effort.  Ultimately, we cannot promise or guarantee that the virus that causes COVID-19 or any other pathogen will not enter the DHE program community.  By the very nature of the personal interaction that takes place in the DHE program environment, there is always a risk of participants (or others) becoming ill with this or any other disease. We want you to be fully aware of this and related risks in making the decision to attend DHE program/s.  You must be willing to accept and assume these and other risks as outlined in the DHE Admissions paperwork.
  • In light of the uncertain nature of COVID-19, the start date, location and continuation of DHE programs are subject to abrupt change at any time (e.g. cancellation, altered conditions of participation, participant separation for sickness or otherwise, or program termination).  This is always a possibility, but this reality is also specific to the unique nature of COVID-19.  

Program Changes

Our programs will be different than in past years!  We are limited in the locations where we can conduct programs.  Importantly, COVID-19 related challenges prevent us from crafting program itineraries and activities as we have done in the past – which limits the types of programs we can offer.  We will operate with the best interest of Deer Hill Participants, and all DHE stakeholders in mind. 

The primary change to DHE programming are the pre-program expectations highlighted below:

  • Incubation: Please begin self-quarantine 7 days prior to program start date.
  • Testing: Please complete either a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or Point of Care (POC) CV19 test 7-2 days prior to program start date. Contact DHE for testing support and guidance.
  • Quarantine: Please continue to self-quarantine until your DHE program begins.
  • Test Results: Please provide negative CV19 test results to DHE prior to traveling to DHE.
  • CV19 Questionnaire: Complete the DHE CV19 Questionnaire form prior to traveling to DHE.
  • CV19 Better Together Agreement: Please review, sign and return the CV19 Better Together Agreement (in the Parent Dashboard) prior to traveling to DHE.
  • Daily Screening: Please be prepared to self-monitor for CV19 related symptoms by participating in Daily CV19 Screening.

Risk Management Protocols and Policies – Changes

  • Our risk management and emergency response protocols include heightened policies in various facets of our programs. Some of these policies we will plan and prepare for. In other cases, we will remain vigilant about the information we receive and may amend our protocols and policies, as appropriate, or as required by authorities.  We believe in our ability to operate DHE programs in a manner that aligns with relevant US (federal, state or county) or international guidelines, CDC recommendations and our own policies, as we engage in our endeavor to identify and manage COVID-19, and hopefully, prevent its presence in our DHE program environment. 
  • Higher Risk Participants: If participant presents as higher risk for complications related to COVID-19, we strongly recommend that you consult with your medical provider to assess your risk to consider whether DHE programs are appropriate for you at this time.
  • See CDC resources discussing those at higher risk at:

Participant – COVID Commitment

  • As identified in the examples above, our programming has changed to address COVID-19 challenges, but we are determined to provide a fulfilling experience for participants, with your cooperation.  Before participants arrive on a DHE program, we will orient them around COVID-19 (and other) precautions and policies, so all participants are clear on their role in the risk management equation regarding COVID-19 and other aspects of the program.
  • Key to our success will be our partnership with our participants (and parents).  You must understand that the risks of COVID-19 transmission to anyone, including you/your child, can occur both in the DHE program community and in participant’s home community as participant moves into, and then out of DHE programs – with participant’s (and parent’s) actions potentially impacting BOTH communities.  As a result, participants and parents share in the responsibility for their own and others’ well-being.  In that regard, we ask that you make the commitment to and honor the COVID-19 precautions not only when participant is on a DHE program, but, appropriately, before participant arrives and after participant departs.  You are then partnering as active risk managers in an effort to assist both communities! 
  • We will work to maintain open lines of communication with you, and, as may be appropriate, will be updating you on DHE COVID-19 policies before your arrival, and upon arrival. Please contact us if you have questions.


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