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To say that Laura enjoyed herself on Southwest Journey is an extreme understatement. She came back jubilant, refreshed, inspired, and, perhaps most important, in possession of a most valuable perspective on everyday life. She says that many of her most cherished values in life have come from her Deer Hill experiences.

Susan, parent

Service at Deer Hill

Most of Deer Hill’s service projects have you working alongside Hopi, Navajo and Zuni families on meaningful projects that they have proposed. Host families share cultural knowledge, stories, and arts with Deer Hill participants. Other service projects are conservation oriented, and arranged with the US Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management. Service projects in summer expeditions will earn between 20 and 56 service credit hours.

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Wilderness Adventure

Wilderness adventure in Deer Hill’s programs offer young people a chance to connect with nature in some of the world’s most remarkable landscapes. They also push individuals to overcome challenges and learn new skills to stay safe and have fun when enjoying the backcountry. Wilderness adventures include a combination of white water rafting and canoeing, canyoneering, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and backpacking.      

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Deer Hill Foundation

Deer Hill Foundation provides scholarships to young people who otherwise could not afford to attend Deer Hill. Most donors are individuals contributing amounts with which they feel comfortable, and enjoy helping create positive experiences. Additionally, Deer Hill Foundation supports partnerships with youth-focused organizations such as Summer Search and Memphis Reach that support motivated young people on their journey to adulthood.

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