Store Price List and Availability

This is the Deer Hill Outfitting Store’s, Price List. Prices and availability are subject to change.

Deer Hill Outfitting Store Price List

Deer Hill Outfitting Store Price List

Items Available for Rental
Duffel Bag$7/program
Fleece Jacket$20/program
Fleece Pants$25/program
Fleece Vest$10/program
Gaiters, Full Length$7/program
Gloves, wool$5/program
Rain Jacket$25/program
Rain Pants$20/program
Sleeping Bag$25/ program
Sleeping Pad, Foam$6/program
Warm Hat5/program
Stuff Sack, Compression$3/program (free w/sleeping bag rental)


Items Available for Purchase

Bandana$ 2.50Mug/Cup$ 10.00
Fundana$ 8.00Mesh Envelope$ 5.00
Baseball Hat$ 18.00Notebook$ 10.00
Batteries, AA/AAA$ 0.50Pen/Pencil$ 0.50
Bucket$ 35.00Postcard And Stamp$ 0.75
Camp Towel$ 25.00River Shirt$ 45.00
Carabiner, Accessory$ 3.00Soap, Dr Bronner Castile 2oz$ 4.50
Chair, Crazy Creek$ 45.00Socks, Wool$ 10.00
Compactor Bag, Plastic$ 1.00Sunglasses$ 15.00
Sunglass Retainer$ 5.00
Gloves, Fleece$ 15.00Sunscreen, 4oz$ 8.00
Gloves, Work$ 5.00Sweatshirt, Hooded$ 35.00
Headlamp$ 18.00Tank Top$ 22.00
Headnet$ 4.00Toothbrush$ 2.00
Insect Repellent$ 8.00
Lip Balm$ 3.00Toothpaste$ 2.00
Base Layer, Bottom$ 25.00T-Shirt, Short sleeve$ 20.00
Base Layer, Top$ 25.00Warm Hat$ 18.00
Lotion$ 2.00Water bottle, Nalgene$ 13.00
Map$ 10.00Ziploc bag$ 0.50

For any questions, feel free to call the Admissions Manager at (970) 533-7492 x 10 or email to