5 Unknown Adventure Spots in Southwestern Colorado & Utah

If you are an outdoor thrill junkie, then you know the value of a good adventure site. And when it comes to finding the perfect place to hike, swim, or simply take in the natural wonder, there are few places better than the unknown spots in Colorado and Utah.

You can find adventure if you know where to look, but it will require a bit of work to track down some of these gems that are really off the beaten path.

For families looking to make memories with their teenagers, finding new outdoor adventures is key to keeping their teenagers interested. If you are a family looking for adventure, then here are some unknown spots in Colorado and Utah that are perfect for your next trip!

There is hope for those who don’t mind making the extra effort and doing some searching. There are still plenty of little-known areas not far from major population centers – and most of them offer free recreation that will create priceless memories.

In this article, we will break down five unique outdoor locations in Colorado and Utah for you to explore next time you need a new adventure for your teenager. Once you master this list of outdoor adventure locations, you can check these places off of your adventure bucket list.

1. Spend A Night in Crater Lake

Tucked into Durango, Colorado is a natural resource that many people don’t realize exists. The surrounding area boasts several different outdoor activities, including hiking and biking. But among the more popular – and yet relatively unknown – activities is Crater Lake Recreation Area.

If you are looking for an adventure that offers you a night under the stars, then check out Crater Lake for your next outdoor adventure. The spot offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy fishing, hiking, and even winter sports if you are feeling brave enough for it!

Grab your backpack and fishing pole, and make your way to Crater Lake Recreation Area for a summer adventure unlike any other. This can be a perfect place for families to hang out together, as well as on the weekends. Don’t forget your camping gear!

2. Hike to Bell Canyon’s Waterfall

Another beautiful spot in Utah is Bell Canyon. Located in a small canyon on the west side of Salt Lake Valley, Bell Canyon is a great family getaway for any weekend adventurer.

Just over half a mile from the trailhead at the mouth of Bell Canyon, you will find a wonderful 20 ft waterfall nestled under beautiful pine trees.

Hiking this winding trail through the trees and enjoying the various plants and animal life along the way make this a great family outing for anyone. 

And if you can manage to drag yourself away from that amazing waterfall, there are plenty of other trails in the area that expand into miles of hiking through the beautiful Utah wilderness.

3. Find Untapped Potential At Deer Hill Expeditions

Located near Mancos, Colorado, Deer Hill Expeditions is an outdoor expedition company that specializes in backpacking, rafting, and hiking trips for youth in beautiful natural landscapes.

And while this is all well and good, there is something else that Deer Hill Expeditions offers- the chance for teens to explore Colorado and Utah like never before.

With its 130 square mile Basecamp and year-round exploration, Deer Hill Expeditions gives your teen the chance to explore new trails and natural landscapes every day.

Teens will love the mountain biking, kayaking, and hiking adventures offered by Deer Hill Expeditions – and will find in themselves a new sense of self-reliance and confidence.

Sign your teen up for one of their many programs and use the time they are gone to explore spots on your own!

4. Explore Mule Canyon and the Surrounding Areas

Get off the beaten path and take a step into history in Mule Canyon. Mule Canyon and the surrounding region offer a unique look into the region’s history. 

Mule Canyon is home to the iconic native ruin known as “House on Fire”. This location on the beautiful Cedar Mesa Trail is a unique example of how the area’s indigenous ingenuity played out years ago. 

Stand in awe of a marvel that is still standing strong after 700 years – including a granary that sits just below the unique rock formation for which the site is named. 

Visiting Canyon Mule isn’t a grueling task, but is enough to ensure that you get a workout while enjoying the natural beauty of the area. Make sure to add this unique trip to your list – just an hour and a half from Moab.

5. Connect while Fly Fishing the Taylor River in Gunnison National Forest

A final hidden gem of Colorado is the Taylor River. Spanning 138 miles through Gunnison National Forest, this river is a perfect place to cool off during the summer or stretch your fly fishing muscles.

Families will love the serenity that comes with the picturesque Colorado fly fishing experience. And for those who love to race around the river, whitewater rafting and kayaking trips are offered as well!

If you are in search of a true father-son teen adventure in Colorado, make sure to plan a trip to the Taylor River.

Make Memories at the Hidden Gems of Utah and Colorado

Families that are looking for a new way to spend their family time should definitely head out this summer for a trip to Utah or Colorado. These unique locations offer the chance for your child to grow as an individual, learn about important conservation efforts, and create powerful memories that will last them a lifetime.

Whether you are looking for a quiet place to relax or a family-friendly adventure in Utah or Colorado, these hidden gems are the perfect place for every member of your family.

Plus, teens will love the unique opportunities that these locations provide – and parents will love the simple fact that they are all located in some of the most beautiful places on Earth.